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Luxury Tropic Facial

30 minutes of pure bliss. You will be cleansed, toned, exfoliated and will experience a mask application to revive and rejuvinate the skin. You will also be massaged around the top of the shoulders with an additional dreamy indian head massage.

30 mins   £28

60 mins   £45 

(Including a soothing back massage)

Nail treatments

OPI Gel Professional Soak Off

Using Gel remover, your gel polish will be professional removed avoiding any damage to your nail plate.


When Gel polish is re-applied £5


45 mins   £10

OPI Standard Gel Manicure

A hand treatment that will leave your skin glowing. This manicure includes a hydrating balm hand massage and cuticle/nail care with a Gel polish to finish.

45 mins   £22


OPI Standard Polish Manicure 

45 mins £20

OPI Deluxe Manicure

A luxurious treatment including a hand exfoliation & hand/arm massage. A true treat!

Deluxe Gel Manicure £28

60 mins 

Deluxe Varnish Manicure £26

60 mins

OPI Standard Gel Pedicure

Your feet will experience a soothing foot massage followed on by nail care. The OPI Gel polish of your choice will then be applied. Hard skin removal can also be included in this treatment to make them feel smooth and refreshed!

45 mins £22


OPI Standard Polish Pedicure

45 mins £20

Deluxe Pedicure

A luxurious pedicure like no other! This deluxe treatment is perfect for when you need a time-out or getting yourself ready with holiday prepping! This treatment includes...

-Nail and cuticle care

-Gel Polish or varnish application

-Hard skin removal pads that are incredibly effective and leave your feet feeling silky smooth!

-Exfoliating scrub

-A soothing and extended foot massage

Deluxe OPI Gel Pedicure £32

Deluxe OPI Varnish Pedicure £29

Under 16's Varnish Manicure £10

30 mins

Under 16's Varnish Pedicure £10

30 mins

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